John Clement is a professional Footballplayer. During his time at the University of New Hampshire he played against the likes of Victor Cruz and others, who now earn their money in the NFL. Clement signed with the Frankfurt Galaxy this year and is headed towards the GFL with his team. Last week the Pro from New Jersey attended practice at Walldorf. Not as a player, but as a coach. That’s because Wanderers Head Coach Carsten Wolf was able to get the Galaxys Top-Players to Walldorf for a three-hour clinic. Together with Eric Hoerl of EE-Sports-Recruiting the Galaxy-Players Clement, Evan Harrington, David Giron Jansa, Laurinho Walch and Tim Miscovich put togehter a challenging workout for the 30 Wanderers.


Catching drill: Wanderers receivers had to proff sure hands.

Like in most football practice settings the clinic was divided in offense and defense. John Clement and Evan Harrington put the defense through a series of technique-drills. The focus was an quick footwork, hand-eye-coordination and the right anticipation of high-arching passes. For the offense highly talented receiver Laurinho Walch from Austria and his guatemalan receiver teammate David Giron Jansa put togehter the drills. Along with many usefull tipps the focus was on getting open against tight coverage, right position of the hands while catching the ball as well as precise rout running. The Wanderers-Quarterbacks listened to the instructions of Galaxy-Quarterback Tim Miscovich, who emphasized quick reads of the defense, right throwing motion and quick footwork.


Defense-Drills: Flag-pulling exercise under the watchful eyes of 
John Clement (purple shorts) and Evan Harrington (white shorts).

At the end of practice Wanderers-Players were able to use all the tips and tricks during a offense versus defense scrimmage, during which the Galaxy-Players kept coaching their squads. After a long day all participants had earned their slice of the ordered pizza. Wanderers-Coach Carten Wolf had only good things to say: „All of our players have learned a lot today and we as coaches were able to get many inspirations for drills, which we will implement in our practices going forward.“ All the filmed tape of this practice session will be a great help with that plan.