TOTAL: 27 senior teams, 7 youth teams & 6 female teams – 40 teams will come overall to play BIg BOWL V in Walldorf, Germany. There will be teams from Danemark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Israel and Germany to play the fifth edition of  Germany’s biggest flag football tournament. For all the people that couldn’t come to Walldorf we will provide a live ticker on saturday and sunday. So follow the tournament and cheer for your favorite team.  For all the ones coming to Walldorf: We are looking forward to meeting you!

Finally here it is: The schedule for BIG BOWL V. Please download and enjoy!

BIG BOWL V Schedule 02062011

Update: There were minor changes to the games played on field 1 and some youth games were added to the competition due to one more participating team. Also a womens‘  game was changed.

Furthermore this is how the final groups look after a few cancellations:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Austrian Eurofighter Walldorf Wanderers Israel NT
Den Haag Raiders Zürich Renegades Nyhavn I
Munich Spatzen I Israel Ladies Wildboyz
Frankforter Frösch Augsburg Raptors Wiesbaden Phantoms
Ilmroosters Munich Spatzen II LaLo Greyhounds
Group 4 Group 5
SSI Sharks Kelkheim Lizzards
Den Haag Hyenas Nyhavn II
Mainz Legionaries Aegerital Rangers
Franken Fun Rams Dortmund Devils
Purple Flags Suburbian Foxes
EKS Scorpions
Juniors Ladies
Marienheider Flames Austrian Amazones
Mö-Wa Mustangs Israel NT
DH Hyenas Juniors German NT
Raptors Juniors Foxes
EKS Scorpions Mainz Furien
Wanderers Juniors German Mixed Team
Wiesbaden Tigers