Big Bowl is still more than three month away, but we already overbooked. 48 teams joined the mixed competition and  some are already on the waiting list. Ladies spots are also sold out with 12 teams. We are thinking about expanding the number of participants in the ladies category to 14 if we get two more interested teams.

For sign-up to the ladies competition please email to bigbowl@walldorf-wanderers.com.

We are happy to welcome the following teams:

Walldorf Wanderers (Germany)
Kelkheim Lizzards (Germany)
Nürnberg Rams (Germany)
Wiesbaden Phantoms Allstars (Germany)
Moscow Tough Nuts (Russia)
Udo’s (Netherlands)
Lalo Greyhounds (Germany)
Badener Greifs (Germany)
Maichingen Mustangs (Germany)
Sentiflags (Germany)
Victoria Park Panthers (United Kingdom)
Zyuzino Zombies (Russia)
Pink Bulls (Netherlands)
Buttonhookers (United Kingdom)
Zugvögel (Germany)
Kirkcaldy Bulls (Scottland)
Dutch Lions (Netherlands)
Den Haag Hyenas (Netherlands)
Mainz Legionaries (Germany)
Vienna Sentinels (Austria)
Panthera Leo (France)
Barbarians (Netherlands)
NP Flag Football (U.S.A)
NuOla Waves (United Kingdom)
Munich Spatzen (Germany)
Chieftains (Scotland)
Steinfire (Germany)
Duisburg Dockers (Germany)
Magdeburg Guards Of Honor (Germany)
Domžale Tigers (Slowenien)
Dortmund Devils (Germany)
TU Ilmenau Ilmroosters (Germany)
Weinheim Longhorns (Germany)
Massflag All Stars (U.S.A)
Coventry Cougars Men (United Kingdom)
The Spaniards (Spanien)
ZHS München (Germany)
Allerød Armadillos (Denmark)
London Ex Pads (United Kingdom)
Team Slovenia (Slovenia)
Novo Mesto Knights (Slovenia)
Team Mexico (Mexico)
Atlantic Devils (Spain)
The Athletes (Jordan)
Copenhagen Tomahawks (Denmark)
Copenhagen Fusion (Denmark)
London Rebels (United Kingdom)
Wolfpack (Netherlands)

Walldorf Wanderers Ladies (Germany)
Foxes 82 (Spain)
Warwick Wolverines (United Kingdom)
Ladies Hyena’s (Netherlands)
Ladies GZB (Netherlands)
Domžale Tigers Ladies (Slowenien)
Coventry Cougars Junior Girls (United Kingdom)
Coventry Cougars Ladies (United Kingdom)
T2D2 (Germany)
Copenhagen Tomahawks (Denmark)
Amazing Austrian Amazones (Austria)
Team Mexico (Mexico)