After published our Big Bowl invitation on their page (look here) we will do our part to promote their tournament in Foxboro and publish a comment, which was sent to us by Melany from For all Europeans the way there will be far, but somebody could be interested in going there after all. We would look forward to reports from the tournament so keep us posted!

Update: As the organisors told us, there are sponsors for international teams available which would pay for the signing fees!

Hello, this is melany from Flag Football Magazine,, Can you tell me if you would have any Staff, Referees, Teams or players interested in taking part in our Major Flag Football Event listed below?

12th Annual International Flag Football Festival

July 29-31st-Foxboro,MA(home of the New England Patriots)

Official Invitation

Flag Football Camp(one or Five Days)

Flag Football Clinic(two hours)

Flag Football Referee Certification Class

Flag Football Tournament(Five Game Guarantee)

Flag Football IFFF Event Official Invitation

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On behalf of, Flag Football Magazine, I would like to cordially invite you to the 12th Annual International Flag Football Festival Slated for July 29-31st in Foxboro,MA(Home of the New England Patriots)

The Festival will kick off with a Flag Football Camp, then Clinics for Players,Coaches and Referees then our tournament.

We have a special price for the hotel at $99 per night. Each Player will be required to purchase a player pass for $10. This will give them access to all our events, (Welcome Reception & Farewell Party).We also will offer tours of the New England Patriots Practice and stadium.


5 game guarantee

2 games Round Robin, then single elimination

Each player will need a Players Pass to participate.

Divisions include:


8-Man Ineligible – A, B, & C,35 +

8-Man Eligible – A, B, & C,Women,35 +

7-Man No Contact – A, B, & C,Women,35 +

7-Man No Contact – High School-Boys & Girls,

5-Man Contact – A, B, & C,35 +

4-Man No Contact – A, B, & C,35 +


8-Man (4 guys, 4 girls)- A, B, & C,35 +


5Man – 18 & under, 16 & under, 14 & under, 12 & under, 10 & under, 8 & under


8-Man $495 per team

7-Man $495 per team

5-Man $295 per team

4-Man $295 per team


For All Divisions

Champions receive free entry($200 deposit needed and refunded upon arrival)

Runners Up-$200 off Registration

Semi Finalists $100 off Registration

more info can be found at,com_community/Itemid,168/eventid,9/task,viewevent/view,events/

First 50 teams to register

This tournament is restricted to 50 teams based on field space. The Deadline to Register is June 1st or when event is Sold Out.Dont wait to register, this event will be sold out.

Please let me know if your team would like to participate and which division your interested in?

I look forward to your response.

Melany Johnson

Flag Football Magazine